Spine physical therapy involves personalized rehabilitation programs, combining exercises, manual techniques, and education to alleviate pain, improve function, and enhance spinal health.


Orthopedics physical therapy specializes in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, and surgeries, using therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, and patient education for optimal recovery.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor physical therapy addresses pelvic floor dysfunction in individuals, providing assessment, strengthening exercises, manual therapy, and lifestyle modifications for improved pelvic health.


Everyone at Total Rehab are absolute diamonds! Velvet and Kathy are the best of the best and will make you feel at ease through the whole process. They are truly caring and sincere! You will always be greeted with a smile which is worth a million dollars these days!! They listen and want you to feel better 🙂 From the time you first walk in the door it is a great, friendly experience! Can’t say enough about these wonderful girls- they will help get you to moving again!!

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I received excellent care during my weeks of rehabilitation at Total Rehabilitation! I always found the staff to be friendly and encouraging. My therapist, Luke Mountz, planned varied and progressive exercises for me that improved my strength in the targeted area. He created workouts that fit my ability level, while working toward my rehabilitation goal. He was personable, kind and professional. I would recommend Total Rehabilitation!

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Very professional and also friendly! I have been going for therapy for almost eight months, with more to go, and have enjoyed the whole experience. The progress in my neuropathy, and learning to walk with a prosthetic, have been amazing. My therapist, Cathi, and the other employees, make even having to work out a pleasure. Would recommend them to anyone that needs therapy.

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I have no complaints about Total! The staff is attentive to you needs and are caring people. I’m grateful that my doctor sent me here. This is my second time to be enrolled here. Things have only improved. Thank you Joe, you’re the best! Joe is my personal therapist. Dedicated to his job. Dedicated to his patients. As far as I’m concerned he is the best!! He has a gentle touch, yet gets you feeling better quickly. He encourages you to get the job done. Only you can do it for yourself!!

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Total Rehabilitation is amazing. The reason it is amazing is the people who work there. All of them actually care. Yes, they care about you as a person. They listen to what you have to say. They ask for your input. They made me feel like I mattered. When I started I went in their thinking what could they do for me, I’d been in pain for six months, not only have they lessened my pain but they have helped me mentally by showing that someone cares about me and believes me. Again, this place is amazing!!!!

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Did you have an experience at our office that you would like to share with us?  Use our patient satisfaction survey to let us know how we did, we always encourage your feedback.



  • Cardiopulmonary

    Cardiopulmonary physical therapy focuses on improving cardiovascular and respiratory function, employing exercise, breathing techniques, and education for patients with pulmonary and cardiac conditions.

  • Neuromuscular Conditions

    Physical therapy aids neuromuscular conditions by enhancing muscle strength, coordination, and function, and teaching adaptive strategies to maximize independence and mobility.

  • Arthritic Conditions

    Arthritic Conditions physical therapy addresses joint pain and mobility issues caused by arthritis, using exercises, modalities, and patient education to improve function and manage symptoms.

  • Neck & Back Pain

    Physical therapy for neck and back pain involves targeted exercises, manual therapy, and posture correction to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and prevent future discomfort.

  • Sciatica

    Sciatica physical therapy focuses on relieving pain, improving mobility, and addressing the underlying causes of sciatic nerve compression through exercises and manual techniques.

  • Headaches

    Physical therapy can reduce headaches by addressing musculoskeletal issues, improving posture, relieving tension, and providing exercises to strengthen and relax relevant muscles.

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Welcome To Total Rehabilitation, Inc.

Locally owned and operated, Total Rehabilitation Inc. offers complete rehabilitation treatment as well as preventative health care. Our therapists and support staff are specially trained to help patients to improve movement, relieve pain and increase functional activities.

We have a large treatment area and gym with state of the art equipment where we encourage fitness after rehabilitation with weight management, physical fitness, and functional training programs.